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As care givers, our utmost focus is to maintain the safety and security of all of our attending children.  The following practices and policies are in place to protect them from harm and sickness.

Authorization of Visitors

For the safety and protection of our children, the Growing Tree requires a PHOTO I.D. be on file in the main office before touring or visiting the center.  If proper I.D. cannot be supplied - no admittance will be allowed.  For authorized parents of children currently enrolled, we have an "open-door" policy.  This policy means that parents are welcome to drop in unannounced anytime of the day and have full access to any classroom.

Child Check-In / Check-Out

Each child must be signed in and out each day by the parent.  This not only keeps our records straight, but helps ensure your child's safe entrnce and departure from the center.  If your child is to be picked up by someone other than a parent, you must notify the center in advance and a photo I.D. will be required.   A copy of this I.D. will remain on file.  A teacher must be made aware of a child's arrival and departure.  Parents are required to notify the center any time that their child will not be in attendance.

Emergency Contacts

Should there be an accident or other reason we would need to contact a parent, it is vital that parents make sure that we have valid emergency contact phone numbers and other information at all times.  There is nothing more frustrating and worrisome than trying to help a child only to be unable to contact the parents due to outdated contact information.

Child Abuse & Neglect

It is our policy to report any form of child abuse or neglect that we witness or suspect.   If you witness anything suspicious from one of our children or parents, please report it immediately.  If your child experiences any type of injury, please report it immediately.

Sick Child Policy

As part of our caring for your child, we deligently monitor the health of all of our children so that one that is sick does not lead to others also becoming sick.  If your child does appear sickly, you will be notified when any of these symptoms below are observed and may be asked to bring in a doctors note to return the child.  Children may not return until they are fever-free for 24hrs without medication.  The only exception on returning early from a fever is when there is a doctor note stating that the child is teething.  Also, if your child cannot attend public school for any reason (aside from school out days), they cannot attend child care.


Symptoms we watch for:

Temperature - over 100F by armpit method, Irritability, Too tired to do any activity, Persistant Crying, Difficulty breathing, Uncontrolled coughing, Diarrea, Vomiting, Mouth Sores, Rash, Pink eye, Head lice, Scabies, Tuberculosis, Impetigo, Strep Throat, Ringworm, Chicken Pox, Shingles, Pertussis (whooping cough), Mumps, Measles, Rubella, Hepatitis A


In addition, as part of our regular operational practices, we regularly clean and disinfect all toys, surfaces, and common areas to help ensure that we prevent transfer of any illnesses from one child to the next.

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